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When Mike and Corey Peters decided to take the jump and start up a franchise with Alair Homes, it felt like the obvious choice. I

When Mike and Corey Peters decided to take the jump and start up a franchise with Alair Homes, it felt like the obvious choice. In fact, it is safe to say that home-building is in their blood. After all, they had worked together for the past 15 years with their father’s family-run construction company.

We did general contracting for all of our own projects while slowly expanding our areas of construction as well as project and office management.” says Corey. And although the family business had grown to a significant size, their dad wanted to start slowing down, so when Alair approached them … they decided to start up!
“Our parents wanted to transition out, and Alair Homes reached out to us with the opportunity, so the timing was great.”

Since then, the duo has gone on to leave a trail of delighted clients in their wake. Last year in Orlando, they attended the annual Alair Homes International conference, designed specifically for everyone across the franchise, from regional partners, partners, project managers, head office staff, and preferred vendors. It is a time to reconnect with members across the Alair brand, build new relationships, and learn from each other – and a place where Mike achieved Top Project Manager and Exceptional Project Manager awards within the entire Alair Homes organization.

“Mike and Corey Peters and Alair Homes gave us the home we always wanted,” said Karen, a Brandon client wanting a basement renovation with a new bathroom, as well as a renovation to the existing upstairs bathroom. “We know we couldn’t have done this without them and knowing they looked after everything for us took so much pressure off us. They never made us feel like we had made the wrong decision and they were with us every step of the way.”

Carol and David, of Rorketon, took on a start-to-finish project with the Peters and expressed their joy at the result: “They have made our custom dream home a ‘dream come true’. Their dedication, along with their promise to see that we received a finished project, was a very fulfilling and rewarding experience for us.”
So positive have been their client experiences, in fact, that Mike and Corey have a You Tube channel devoted to client testimonials describing why their own projects were so gratifying – and there are sure to be many more to follow.

Here’s Why

The Alair Difference

With Alair Homes, building relationships with clients is just as important as building or renovating homes. Mike and Corey have always been client-centric, and the fact that Alair Homes shares that value made it the perfect fit. They focus on the experience for the client – from the project planning to construction, they make the experience easy and painless for the client, while putting a lot of importance on trust.

“Our clients see everything we see in their project. From the quotes and estimates to the rolling financial projections. They can see whether or not the project is on time, ahead of schedule or delayed. We offer industry experience and guidance, but ultimately the client is in control. The best part about this method is that it creates certainty for the client.”

The Peters realize that the home-building industry is broken and transparency is key when it comes to creating trust. “We sit on the same side of the table as the client, not across from them. They move through the whole process with us, at a pace that they are comfortable with. We realize that this industry can be daunting and we want to make things as easy as possible on the client. It is about them, not us.”

With Alair, you will know the detailed costs, have the freedom to choose all selections and decide on who will carry out the function of your project, before it even starts. Certainty is the foundation of Alair’s Client Control and the reason why so many clients have become raving fans and repeat customers.
Their approach is built on trust and they believe that with a better understanding of their clients, they are better able to make improvements to systems, processes, and the overall client experience.

Trust Alair Homes. They will help you Live Better.

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The Who’s Who of Alair Homes


Being introduced to carpentry at a young age, Mike has always had a passion for the construction industry. With more than fifteen years of experience in both on-site and off-site project management, Mike thrives on improving process and efficiency while creating a positive experience for his clients. Joining the Alair Homes team in 2017 provided Mike with the opportunity to further contribute his expertise to his clients and community and build long lasting relationships. Outside of work, Mike is usually found fishing, quadding with friends, or enjoying some scenic camping..


Corey developed a passion for construction at an early age. Having spent most evenings, weekends and summers in high school working for his father’s construction company to further develop his skills within project and business management today, more than fifteen years later. Alongside a large portfolio of successful projects and long-lasting relationships with past clients, trades & suppliers within the Westman Area, Corey continues to provide his expertise in construction and project planning while working diligently to bring positive change to the construction industry through Alair Homes. Corey’s greatest passion is to serve his clients and to positively impact and revitalize his community by giving back. Corey and his wife spend most of their free time building up their local community church, spending time with family & friends, enjoying their home, yard and the outdoors.