Author: Brandi Parnell

Richard Nixon said, “Only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” Kelowna is the best of both worlds; the valley and the mountain, blue skies and bright lakes. Take a moment today and appreciate the great beauty abound. Welcome to Mint, an endeavor that has produced incredible curiosity and the craftiest creative output. This accomplishment raised the bar for what you can expect and what we will continue to produce. In our inaugural issue, I encourage you to lap up lavish living as you delve into fresh, local living. Whether the people on our pages are your friends, neighbours or ‘go to’ businesses, celebrate their stories, be inspired and take from them ways to live your life better. From the mountain or the valley, we wish you a beautiful holiday season that is hung with much happiness.

Changing the way you approach fitness

If the term CrossFit is unfamiliar to you, you’re not alone. And, even if you have heard of it before, perhaps you’re unsure exactly what goes on in the big open gyms, with hanging ropes and boxes here and there. ...

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It’s Really Happening!

Whether you’ve just said, ‘Yes!’ or have been thinking about making your commitment to one another official, now’s the time to engage the experts and tie the knot. ...

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I do!

For three local entrepreneurs, planning your wedding day is the start to a happy marriage, a day of cascading memories, from your much-loved guest list to your chosen dessert. ...

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Local Libations, Global Gluttony

The very dinner gatherings, regardless of the season, include a menu of great friends and even better food. With a host of grapes growing in our backyard, wine is our water. Still, our accessible world has allowed our palettes to reach to exponential heights. Here’s...

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Love is Everything

If love is the new black, wedding receptions are the kaleidoscope of life. In honour of wedding planning season, we at Mint decided to shed a little love light on what makes for the perfect wedding celebration. ...

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home grown, right here, at home with alternative

For almost two decades, Westman area residents have turned to Alternative Landscaping Ltd. for all of their outdoor needs. Locally owned and operated, Chris and Karin Griffin started Alternative Landscaping in 1998 with a goal to provide superior workmanship by people who care....

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