Author: Kyra Hoggan

putting your best face forward

- It’s Not Just For Models And Movie Stars Anymore

Marika Friesen, owner of Vanish Skin Clinic, says there’s a sort of mystique around skin care that’s making average people miss out on a vital – and accessible – aspects of health and beauty. ...

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(Soft) Serving Up History

With A Twist

From old-school authentic to state-of-the-art style, Dairy Queen fans in Brandon get the whole range of restaurants known for their consistent quality and smiling service....

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Caring for community:

A Family Legacy

A lot of people assume that running a funeral home must be a depressing affair – but Wade and Kelly Lumbard both find it incredibly rewarding to be able to be there and help during people’s darkest hours....

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alair homes

Experience the Difference

When Mike and Corey Peters decided to take the jump and start up a franchise with Alair Homes, it felt like the obvious choice. I...

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