Become Inspired by the sights in Westman

Become Inspired by the sights in Westman

Discover the unique offerings right in Westman.

Discover the unique offerings right in Westman. The Prairie landscape can be anything but dull when looking at the staggering contrasts and spectacular beauty. Top it all off with a laid-back feel, and friendly people it’s all in your hands to create your own adventure this spring.

Sprucewoods Spirit Sands
Looking for a change in scenery, with out leaving the Westman area? Sprucewoods park contains a desert-like area known as the Spirit Sands. A vast area of open blowing sand dunes. Experience Spirit Sands and Devil’s Punch Bowl, wandering hiking trails or by horse-drawn covered wagon rides. This is actually a thing!

Sprucewoods Forest
Located east of Brandon, and boasting equestrian and mountain bike trails that enthusiasts can explore. The wilds of Spruce Woods is a unique mix of natural contrasts and wonderful adventures.

Lakehouse has become a wedding and elopement destination in Clear Lake Country – Riding Mountain National Park. With beautifully designed guest rooms, a cozy rustic chic interior and incredible food, and a backdrop like no other no matter the season – Lakehouse is leading the growing trend toward destination weddings.

Located in our back yard, Farmery is North America’s original estate breweries, and is a popular destination for local, national and international visitors from around the world. Swing by Farmery Estate Brewery and check out one of the best and unique tourism destinations Manitoba offers!

Westman Reptile Gardens
Are you looking for a fun day trip that can entertain the whole family? The Reptile Gardens boasts one of Canada’s biggest and best collections of exotic animals A wide assortment of snakes, spiders, frogs and lizards – perfect for any reptile fanatic!