Buying a bra shouldn’t be like having a root canal

Photos By Apryl Maxine Stead

Buying a bra shouldn’t be like having a root canal

For many women buying a new swimsuit or bra is a dreaded task that is often avoided, but it doesn’t have to be, nor should it be.

For many women buying a new swimsuit or bra is a dreaded task that is often avoided, but it doesn’t have to be, nor should it be.

This is especially true when you visit Esteem Lingerie. This lovely boutique shop is owned by the dynamic mother-daughter team of Florenda Pickett and Angela O’Brien.

“The essence of Esteem Lingerie is to empower women to see the beauty within,” said Florenda. “We want women to feel great about themselves and that starts with a great fitting bra.”

Esteem Lingerie recently expanded and moved a few blocks from their previous location. The new shop is open and spacious, allowing customers to browse their products in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. They carry loungewear, sleepwear, swimwear, panties and have over 6000 bras onsite.

“When I think about our business, I often think of my Nana’s words of wisdom…Beds, bras and shoes, that’s where we need quality and support because that is what is going to make or break our day. Here at Esteem, we want women to love themselves, love their bodies and make sure that key things in their lives are supporting them. We provide one of these key things which is great underwear,” said Angela.

As the business has been open for over 12 years, Florenda and Angela hold their suppliers to the highest of standards. They spend time researching and testing product lines before they bring them into the store so they are confident in providing a superior product.

“We have a lot of criteria that we assess before we buy. Not only does it have to fit well and feel great, it has to be durable and have a quality of construction. They must also have a beauty factor so women can feel great wearing them,” said Angela.

While Esteem Lingerie has an amazing selection of quality products, they also pride themselves on offering their clientele the best customer service with their knowledge and experience. They are respectably well-known for being premium bra fitters as all of their employees are certified by Ali Cudby’s Fab Fit Academy. As well, they are excited to be launching their post-surgical line including mastectomy products
that will help all women, not just those looking for everyday bras.

“We don’t want women to have their drawers filled with a bunch of bras they only wear once in a blue moon. We want women to have three to five good quality bras that they wear everyday that fit well and make them feel terrific,” said Florenda.

Florenda and Angela know that helping to empower women and improve their self-esteem can be challenging, especially being in lingerie industry where women have to reveal their most intimate selves. Their message, however, is simple.

“We have to be accepting of who we are today. We have to learn to love the body we have today and dress the body we have today and that starts with beautiful, good quality undergarments that are fitted to make you feel amazing all day long,” said Angela.

Esteem Lingerie
#23-2484 Maint Street, West Kelowna
Westridge Centre Mall (corner of Hwy 97s and Elliott Rd)
250.768.0171 | /brafittingspecialists