Eats & Drinks

On the water or the deck, from your dining room table to reservations at the city’s best restaurants, we salivate over savoury dishes and lush libations including local and fresh, from garden to vine.

Rebekah Roberts Kruger

Chef Profile - Prairie Firehouse

A restaurant doesn’t rise and fall on one person. When you have good leadership and a great team behind the leader that’s when you start to see success...

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Butter Poached Peaches

& Herbed Lemon Ricotta on Toast

This easy layered snack requires no oven time (yehaw for those that live in a sweaty climate like us), and comes together in about 15 minutes....

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Wine Tastes the Same to Everyone

Everyone always talks about wine tastings and how they want to learn to be able to “taste” wine. The truth is that we don’t in fact “taste wine”, we smell wine…we feel wine….. ...

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Wining & Dining

The Art of Wine Pairing

Choosing a wine to go with a dish can be a complex task. Ensuring a wine doesn’t overpower your food or vise versa is key and takes practice....

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