Life & Local Finds

Everyone wants to have the inside track on the best our city has to offer.  Come with us as we celebrate life, one treasure, one event, one game-changing being at a time.

clean & green

Easy Tips on Keeping Your House Clean

When it comes to being clean, Girls Gone Green means business! As Kelowna’s professional green cleaners, we’re officially Green Business Certified, meaning everything we use is EPA approved and locally sourced. ...

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Revolutionizing Rock

Playing to sellout crowds all over the interior of B.C., composer, arranger and producer Ken Hartfield, along with his 23-piece Kelowna-based symphonic rock band are changing the way people hear, and more importantly, feel about rock. ...

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Growing a Bright, Fresh Future

Michael Buffett sat quietly listening to people sharing deeply personal stories of their lives. He was in Laurel Packing House and the air was filled with truth, tales from people who had fallen on hard times and broken hearts. Stories of adversity that were so...

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compelled by passion

Martina Kral spent the majority of her adult life in sales. She is intuitive, approachable and connects easily with others. Not looking to make a career change, an inward significance happened upon her, and she followed through. ...

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More than just lemonade

Unusual household uses for lemons

You probably stock up on lemons when you get an urge for homemade lemonade, but there are plenty of other reasons to keep these citrus fruits in your refrigerator....

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Your Ride, Your Way

Style is not something you create. It is innate, personal and as custom as you can dream up at Mirror Image (MI), a shop whose passion is customizing cars to spec. ...

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