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The HCG Diet

Is it too Good to be true?

For anyone who’s ever wondered what to do to lose weight when they feel that they’ve tried everything possible to lose weight and nothing has worked, read on and keep an open mind....

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serenity aesthetics

Janice Lawson, owner of Serenity Aesthetics, started her business with a simple vision; to provide the best laser hair removal, advanced skin care treatments, and aesthetic services at fair prices....

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Naturally Fuller Lips

at Cerulean Medical Institute, Kelowna BC

Lip injections for lip enhancement and lip augmentation procedures are increasing year by year with our Okanagan clients requesting lip injections at younger ages than before....

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clean is beautiful

It’s no secret that many of our personal care and beauty products are full of ingredients that are dangerous for our health and our planets ability to sustain life. ...

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get your glow on!

with Glow Skincare Clinic

There are many reasons why people aspire to look their best. The confidence created, that extra edge in a competitive workforce, looking rested and fresh even if you are not....

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Changing the way you approach fitness

If the term CrossFit is unfamiliar to you, you’re not alone. And, even if you have heard of it before, perhaps you’re unsure exactly what goes on in the big open gyms, with hanging ropes and boxes here and there. ...

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