Classic Design Choices that stand the test of time

Photos By Studio 78

Classic Design Choices that stand the test of time

Tips from JT Interiors to make your design choices stand the test of time.

Natural elements are a classic look that fit into every style.
Copper and a mixture of metal, stone, concrete, granite or marble will enhance every décor. Serene organic components such as house plants, monochromatic art accent this style without overpowering it. Reclaimed wood furniture, counters or accessories elevate your space and add character to your home. Matte black is making its way on the market from fixtures to hardware, they are both contemporary and timeless.

Mixing styles make a bold statement.
There is a shift in the design world towards adding a minimalist, functional design in every style. It is both calming and appeals to the “less is more” design principals. Traditional homes that were once layered with patterns and textures are being grouped with a mix of wood and metal elements to appeal to the more modern tastes. A properly designed kitchen, whether it is a modern farmhouse style or mid century modern it must have a place for everything and everything in its place. This lets you shift your attention to the things that bring you joy such as the entertainment center filled with wine from all over the world.

Wake your senses with the rich color palettes.
Keep the backdrop neutral and add a few key pieces that start to pull your style together. This year we are breathing life into our spaces with bold saturated colors such as indigo, navy and emerald green. If color scares you, soft pastels and botanical prints will add a pop of color to energize a neutral palette. Oversized geometric patterns and whimsical prints make a dramatic statement. Add LUXE to your decor with a wall of marble, copper, gold or pewter accents, velvet fabrics feel decadent and spoil your senses. Simply placing a bowl of fruit can energize a white kitchen.

Light colored floors are making a comeback.
They tend to show less dirt than dark floor. Matte finishes create a warm and contemporary feel. Wider, longer planks make the room appear larger, more open and less cluttered. The pattern and texture will also help camouflage the everyday life mishaps that happens in our homes. Regardless of your budget or style the one thing you can do today to transform your space…. Declutter it. You will be amazed at the look and feel of a decluttered home. The mental energy spent trying to find an item or cleaning an over stuffed room exhausts you in many facets of your daily life.

Follow the basic rules of three in each room:
Make three piles. Keep it, Toss it, Donate/Sell it.
Touch every item and ask yourself three questions: “Do I love it?”, “Do I use it?” and “Do I need it?”. If the answer is no to any or all of those questions it is time to let it go. If you don’t have the luxury of time to declutter then make it simple, get rid of three items a day. Start to focus on how it feels to live with less. Our home is a reflection of those that live within the walls If it’s cluttered and disorganized it interferes with the serenity and the peacefulness of your home. Everyone starts in the same place during the design process, their home is not allowing them to live their best life. Whether they are drowning in clutter, or the interior is dated and tired, if it’s holding you back it is time to make a change. The JT Interiors Design group can help you MAKE IT HOME.