Georgie Girl

Redefining Vintage Fashion

Photos By Sharla Pike

Georgie Girl

The Georgie Girls want you to rethink everything you have ever assumed about shopping for second hand clothing.

The Georgie Girls want you to rethink everything you have ever assumed about shopping for second hand clothing. Clearly it is an economical and eco-friendly way to treasure hunt. But can it be hyper-fashion forward, your go-to in pursuit of your dream OOTD? Read on.

Fashion has been an instinctive love for Angie Bricker, founder of Georgie Girl, for as long as she remembers. As a child she designed her own clothing to sew, and her favourite pastime was outfitting paper dolls with her own designs. During ‘the Vancouver years’ in the 1980’s, the art of dressing for her became a passion – an obsession. After moving back to Kelowna, her interest in fashion never dimmed. Even so, she did not think to make it her calling, even though, starting in 1996, she owned and operated a successful retail shop for children.

After an inspired re-location of the children’s shop to Downtown Kelowna in 2010, Angie found herself restless and ready for change. It still took encouragement from her customers to convince Angie that a vintage clothing shop was the perfect fit for her love of fashion and background in retail. Once decided, the Georgie Girl name was chosen, the signs were changed and it all came together with
a heartbeat.

Angie’s vision for Georgie Girl is a fresh, upscale approach to selling second hand clothing. Presentation and merchandising is supremely important: vetting of each and every garment critical. Processing dozens of new arrivals on a daily basis and keeping it organized and impeccable for the customer keeps the shop a beehive of style, and fashion activity.

When customers ask Angie what her favourite finds are she says, “Vintage denim and graphic shirts speak to me. I am a jeans and tee girl all the way.” None the less, her heart beats faster at the discovery of premium jazz age apparel or a stunning wasp-waist 1950’s dress.

Unique in the consignment world, the Georgie Girls accept intake seven days a week, no appointment necessary. “We truly appreciate and value the relationship we have with our consigners. Often, through the original owner or family, we are able to track the history of an item. It’s very exciting to be able to keep the story alive for the next lucky fashion lover.”

Alicia Meier has been the store manager since opening day. Customers know her for her warm and honest styling services; she will bring garment after garment to you in the changing room to help you find just the perfect pieces.

Hannah Kehler joined Georgie Girl in the duo roles of sales and creative director in May. She can be found out and about directing and shooting creatives for Georgie Girl, and she is working on the logistics for an enhanced online presence for the shop.

Most important to the Georgie Girl team is the collaborations within the community, especially in the North End of Downtown Kelowna. This area, once dormant and industrial, is now bustling with creative energy. Angie and her team have participated in fashion shoots, theatre performances and music presentations with incredibly talented local artists.

What’s next for the Georgie Girls? These ladies have a crazy and fun idea every minute so stay in touch on their vibrant and fun social media to find out!

Georgie Girl
1331 Ellis Street, Kelowna, BC
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