invest in some peace of mind

invest in some peace of mind

Are you planning a vacation, or simply leaving the province on business travel?

Are you planning a vacation, or simply leaving the province on business travel? After booking your flight, hotel, and ensuring that you’ve packed your swimsuit, what else do you need?

Actually, there’s nothing else you need. Go have fun. Be safe and hope that you don’t get sick, injured, or suffer a catastrophic health event.

When you leave the Province of Manitoba, there are certain financial risks you automatically assume…unless you have travel insurance. Even when you travel within Canada, you’re still not covered for what you think.

Firstly, good travel insurance has to cover for emergency medical expenses and related costs anywhere in the world.

Secondly, it has to cover you for all emergency medical circumstances (and if not, exclusions have to be disclosed to you in advance).

Thirdly, it has to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The less important coverage, but still a focal point of some travellers, is the optional cancellation component of Travel Insurance. Also, lost/delayed luggage/flight coverage can be added at an additional cost. Many travellers tend to “self-insure” when it comes to the cancellation/delay component of travel insurance because it tends to be a little expensive relative to the medical component. From an overall “risk” perspective, it is what happens to you medically that can absolutely prove more devastating.

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