-The Ultimate Refresher

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The Ultimate Refresher

While working in rural Mexico, Rob McPhee did what many other Canadians have done before him…he immersed himself in the vibrant culture – the art, the music and of course, the delicious food.

“I fell in love with the local cuisine. One of my favourite discoveries was the Mexican Paleta. After a long day, working in the hot sun, it was so refreshing. A Paleta is a frozen treat made from fresh fruit,” he says.

When his work ended in Mexico, Rob returned home to Canada and returned to the oil and gas industry. “I was happy to be home, but somehow, I just didn’t feel fulfilled. I guess I kept thinking about those delicious popsicles,” he laughs.

Like any great entrepreneur, Rob didn’t dismiss the idea. In fact, he did the opposite; he continued to mull it over, contemplating flavours, researching food trends, and thinking of ways he could put a Canadian twist on
the Paleta.

“I just kept thinking of a way to reinvent frozen treats to make them appealing to all ages,” says Rob. “I discovered no one was doing it in the Okanagan, which seemed like the perfect place to begin.”

And so Okanagan Ice Pops was born from a desire to infuse locally grown, fresh fruit into really amazing treats that people could feel good about eating. Many of the flavour options are vegan; all are healthful, gourmet treats made from the finest ingredients and sure to delight any taste bud.

“I still like having a Popsicle on a really hot day, it’s nostalgic; it takes me back. But, I wanted to create something more appealing to my tastes. I no longer wanted frozen sugar water. I wanted more.”

Customers are always surprised when they first try an Okapop at how flavourful they are, not to mention their delight at the outrageous flavour combinations, including strawberry lime basil, chocolate avocado coconut and pineapple mango chilli. Then, they’re amazed at how little sugar and calories they have.

“Our goal is to make perfect ice pop for everyone. We love supporting our local dairy for the creamiest pops ever. For those with a dairy intolerance, we offer vegan alternatives as well as our fruity pops. We want everyone to enjoy the full, fresh flavours offered by the valley, which is why we use premium ingredients such as coconut cream, fresh cream, seasonal fruit, chocolate and authentic spices. We source the ripest seasonal fruit, then we roast, juice, blend and mix in preparation for flash freezing. We use no artificial ingredients and don’t add any flavourings, colours or preservatives.”

Because of the unbelievable flavour, the innovation and their approach to quality, Okanagan Ice Pops are available at many different location including special events and fairs around the area. You can stop in at their storefront or purchase individual Okapops at various retail partners.

You can order in bulk to take home and they will cater any event under the sun, including weddings, parties or casual get-togethers. Think sparkling pops!

Currently they serve up 27 flavours, which include six dairy options and the rest are vegan. Each batch uses 100 percent local products, including fruit, honey, herbs and of course, Okanapure water. The exception is tropical fruit.

To surprise your taste buds, to travel back in time or to impress your guests, opt for Okapops today.

450 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna