Prepping for your holidays

Prepping for your holidays

Beauty tips for your travels!

No one wants to worry about unwanted hair, ie. legs, underarms, bikini line. Our ladies can take of everything for you whether it’s with wax or sugaring. Leaving you hair free for you trip!NAILS

Getting a pedicure and manicure is essential, we recommend permanent polish so it’s long lasting & worry free

A great way to be low maintenance on your trip is by having lash extensions. We also offer lash lifts & tints, which are less costly but also effective

Getting your hair done prior to is always a good idea. If you have blonde or lighter tones in your hair, we recommend getting your hair toned or a gloss put on so you have color protection against the sun.

Everyone’s favorite products come in travel sizes making it easier to travel with. We recommend using the UNITE 7 seconds leave-in conditioner, it will protect your color & detangle your hair after a day in the ocean or pool. Many of our UNITE products have anti-humectants in them to help your hair from going frizzy in the humidity.  A good moisturizing conditioner is also recommended because the sun can dry out our hair. We recommend any of the Joico K-pak conditioners to help keep your hair healthy throughout your vacation.

Skin care is very important when it comes to protection against the sun. Our Eminence Vanilla body sunscreen is a great choice for all over coverage. Many of our moisturizers also have an SPF, leaving your skin safe from the sun’s rays, as well keeping it moisturizers. We carry travel sizes as well for your convenience.

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