radiant health awaits

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radiant health awaits

Our world is fast. We think on our feet, multitask, stay connected to technology and live active, busy lifestyles.

Our world is fast. We think on our feet, multitask, stay connected to technology and live active, busy lifestyles. It’s so important to take time to relax and feel well; so that we can keep up, and enjoy every moment.

Living your best life demands good health. Rise Wellness Centre offers a forward thinking, functional approach to wellness. Their office is inviting, comfortable, and calming. You will be welcomed with a smile, comfy chairs
and a nourishing cup of tea. Their motto at
Rise Wellness Centre is ‘Natural Solutions for Radiant Health.’

Licensed naturopathic physician, Dr. Jese Wiens owns the clinic and takes great pride in how her patients feel when they arrive, but especially when they leave. She has brought together leading health practitioners who share the same treatment philosophy of individualized medicine and dedication to helping patients.

“We truly want our patients to feel at ease here. Many people come in to the office to be proactive, but others come in because they have had limited success treating their ailments and want expert care,” she says. “We want to help them achieve optimal health and feel supported through
the process.”

“I am a very hands-on doctor; each new appointment includes a thorough physical examination. Once we understand the symptoms, we have the ability to order lab work and can write prescriptions if necessary. Our clinic offers treatments that work together including acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional counselling, BodyTalk, Craniosacral therapy and Bowen therapy; a gentle hands on technique that is used to treat chronic pain or injury,” she says. “We enjoy working in collaboration and have just launched some integrative programs this fall. Try out ‘Happy Belly’ for digestion support, or ‘Tranquil Life’ for stress or mood issues. We love cheering our patients on, one step at a time.”

Dr. Wiens especially loves figuring out the connections within a puzzle of symptoms. Then she can create the perfect treatment plan using nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle. She was drawn to the profession by its principles, including ‘treat the cause,’ ‘support the healing power of the body’ and ‘treat the whole person’.

“Sometimes my patients don’t realize just how tired or bloated they were until they start to feel great again. One improvement inspires another.”

Dr. Wiens uses herbs in her practice, which are safe, well tolerated and very effective as a functional ‘tune-up’. She also creates custom tinctures so each prescription is unique to the needs of the patient.

“I am honoured to hear people’s stories, the day in, day out aspects of their life. I love the diagnostic part of my job, looking at health from a molecular level to genetics to systems and then a holistic view.” She has a degree in Cell Biology and Genetics from the University of British Columbia, as well as her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree. She has been in practice in Penticton since 2008.

In November, they are celebrating their one-year anniversary. They are open Saturdays; offer direct billing, online booking and in-office Pap tests for their
female patients.

To rise to your best state of being, call or visit their website to book your initial consultation.

Rise Wellness Centre
101-2504 Skaha Lake Road, Penticton
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