Ready or Not to Start Construction

Ready or Not to Start Construction

How do you know if you are ready to start construction on your Custom Home or Renovation Project?

How do you know if you are ready to start construction on your Custom Home or Renovation Project? Here are some questions you should be able to answer “yes” to before you give the approval to start construction on your own or with any contractor.

1. Do you have Ready for Pricing Drawings?
By Ready for Pricing Drawings, we mean professional blueprints that have been designed, reviewed and approved by yourself, your draftsman or designer & engineer. Regardless of the size of your project, these blueprints require as much detail as possible prior to sharing them with any subcontractors or suppliers for quoting.

2. Is your project feasible with your local building & permitting authority?
Quite often we all have great ideas, but before you become too invested, check in with your local building, planning & permitting authorities to ensure the project you have in mind is actually feasible and in alignment with best building practices, codes and local by-laws.

3. Have you developed Scopes of Work that match every detail of your Ready for Pricing Drawings?
As detailed as you’re Ready for Pricing Drawings are, they don’t paint the full picture for any subcontractor or supplier to send you back realistic hard quotes. In fact, without these Scopes of Work, most subcontractors or suppliers will quote you on their “assumptions” verses specific instruction of inclusions for products and services you actually want in your project. This is the only way to obtain consistent apples to apples quotations on your project.

4. Have you acquired multiple firm, fixed quotes from qualified subcontractors & suppliers on every phase of your project for every detail of your Ready for Pricing Drawings & Scopes of Work?
Have the subcontractors and suppliers you have received firm quotes from read, understood and included your entire project Scopes of Work details within their firm quote to you? You are investing a lot of your time & money into your project, and if you wait until construction starts to find out these answers, it’s probably already too late.

5. Have you made all your product & decor selections?
It’s so easy to be tempted to start your project without making ALL of your product, materials, fixtures and decor selections. Most of us tend to procrastinate at times, and this will be the time when you need to fight the temptations with all your might! To think you are able to start construction and retain control of your project without having made these decisions, will greatly increase the risk of you not reaching your project goals.

6. Do you have an accurate and feasible Construction Schedule for your project?
Although a lot of the time it is very important to know when the project will start, it’s even more important to know when the project will be finished. Creating a solid construction schedule, for every team member involved in your project (subcontractor & supplier) to have input in and commit too, will greatly increase a successful and timely project outcome. It’s important to ask if your subcontractor or supplier is available for the timeline you have in mind before they start quoting your project, or else it may just be a waste of time.

These are just SOME of the very important steps to take prior to starting your project, and that’s why at Alair Homes, your project is so much more than a project to us, its about you! With Alair Homes your project outcome will be exceptional but more importantly will result in a life changing experience for you and your family!