Your Smile says a great deal about you…

What's your message?

Photos By Sharla pike

Your Smile says a great deal about you…

Have you ever marveled how celebrities and beautiful people in your life, radiate that healthy and confident smile?

Have you ever marveled how celebrities and beautiful people in your life, radiate that healthy and confident smile? You’re thinking of them now…Taylor Swift…Luke Bryan. Did you chalk it up to good genes, good luck and youth? Simply Amazing Smiles in Kelowna is about to pull back the curtain on how to achieve that next level confidence and create a life-changing smile.

Located at Suite 100,1475 Ellis Street is the unique and client centered approach to general and aesthetic dentistry. Expertly led by Dr. Trevor Morhaliek, who brings nearly 18 years of professional service and care to his practice. With support and assistance from his team, Dr. Morhaliek treats clients to a level of dental care unmatched in Kelowna.

“Restorative aesthetic dentistry has long been the fusion of art and science. It combines the latest in technology with best practice methods to create amazing smiles. We live in a time where beautiful, proportionate, straight, white teeth are an option for people in just a couple of visits. We’re doing it differently. And we’re doing it better than ever before.”

A graduate and past instructor of the Frontier Institute for Advanced Post Graduate Dental Education, Dr. Morhaliek has both studied and taught smile design. “Keeping abreast of new techniques and materials, learning along-side other leaders in dental artistry is exciting. It keeps Simply Amazing Smiles ahead of the curve and lets us help more patients. It makes for personalized smiles tailored specifically to the patient’s wishes.”

A Simply Amazing Smile begins simply with an amazing conversation and a plan. They call it a blue print for success. And it is the road map to the smile you long for. The smile you seek to greet the world with and share your new message through. Client consults take place in-house, in a calm and relaxed environment. Using high tech digital imaging, Dr. Morhaliek works with each client to create a smile they can be proud to share with the world.

So How Do They Do It?

The megawatt smiles we see and envy are the result of
dental techniques and materials called veneers and porcelain restorations. Veneers are commonly chosen for their beauty and strength. Patients prefer them to the old school crowns because of their comfort, ease of care and they don’t have any of the dark edges at the gumline. Dr. Morhaliek prefers them because they are the least invasive of all aesthetic porcelain restorations, preserving the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure for a comfortable



feel and the most natural appearance. Each new smile is consists of any number of custom-designed veneers, working together for perfect fit, form and function. A single veneer can be created and applied in as little as one appointment by Dr. Morhaliek. An entire smile may take as few as three appointments.

“Every smile, every face is unique. So every smile we create is very special. Veneers are an excellent aesthetic choice for people who are simply unhappy with the size, shape or color of their teeth. They are also ideal for clients whose teeth show signs of ageing and excessive wear or damage.”

Like so many clients at Simply Amazing Smiles, Vanessa Johnson, with the encouragement of her parents, took the step to pursue her dream of a beautiful smile. “Before I met Dr. Morhaliek and his team, I had no hope for my teeth. I felt self- conscious and had very low self-esteem. My smile was non-existent. On the few occasions when I would smile, I would make sure none of my teeth showed. I was embarrassed. Being a social person and working with the public it was impossible to be myself throughout the day. I felt I couldn’t interact with people like I wanted to or be the outgoing person I knew I was on the inside.”

“Changing my smile, changed my life.”

I never felt more cared for, than in Dr. Morhaliek’s dental chair. And I never thought I would say that in my life! I grew up fearful of the dentist, having seen movies that joke about the suffering that can go on there. The team at
Simply Amazing Smiles genuinely care about each client they serve. They go out of their way to make sure that clients have everything they need to feel comfortable to begin their transformation.”

Private treatment suites, steaming aromatherapy towels and complimentary massages are all part of the experience at Simply Amazing Smiles. One client at a time, one exceptional smile at a time.

What is your smile saying about you?