Your sole can be the path to better health

Your sole can be the path to better health

As a holistic healing modality, reflexology addresses the whole individual, incorporating body, mind and spirit. It is a safe, non-invasive deeply relaxing way to restore and balance the body’s energies and promote health and well-being.

Reflexology is a specific technique whereby pressure is applied using thumbs, fingers and sometimes crystals onto precise reflex points of the feet. This is based on the idea that these reflex points correspond to all organs, body parts and energy systems. What makes foot reflexology so effective is that, with over 7,000 nerve receptors per foot, the feet are good indicators of stress in the body/mind.

In essence, reflexology can play a major role in attaining and maintaining better health. Circulation is improved, lymphatic drainage is enhanced, toxins are released and the body’s endorphins are triggered. This balancing effect, which helps to normalize all functions, enables the body to heal itself.

Many of my clients have found relief from the symptoms of chronic diseases (e.g., diabetic neuropathy, MS fatigue, anxiety). As well as those with acute injuries, such as athletes with muscle tension, and plantar fasciitis. Often we just “go” until the body makes us stop, so I often recommend reflexology as a part of good self-care and prevention.

The effects of regular reflexology treatments can have profound results with many reporting overall improvement in symptoms, health and a greater sense of well-being.

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Robyn Griffiths holds a BA in Psychology and is a certified reflexologist with over 13 years experience. She is a Reiki Master and an approved practitioner of the Reflexology Association of BC with a studio in Kelowna’s Lower Mission